Stadium of the Year 2013 nominees

  • 1. Which stadiums should be nominated in the Stadium of the Year 2013 competition? *

    Based on our best knowledge, we listed eligible candidates:

    Allianz Riviera, Nice

    Basrah International Stadium, Basra

    Estádio Castelão, Fortaleza

    Estádio Nacional, Brasilia

    Estadio Regional de Chinquihue, Puerto Montt

    Ghelamco Arena, Ghent

    Husky Stadium, Seattle

    Investors Group Field, Winnipeg

    Itaipava Arena Fonte Nova, Salvador da Bahia

    Itaipava Arena Pernambuco, Recife

    Kazan Arena, Kazan

    Maracana, Rio de Janeiro

    Mersin Arena, Mersin, Mersin

    Stade Jean Bouin, Paris

    Stadion Essen, Essen

    Tele2 Arena, Stockholm

    If you’d like to add another nominee before the Stadium of the Year vote, please type the stadium’s name below.

    You may suggest more than one. Nomination conditions: Only stadia of over 10,000 capacity may be nominated. Opening (or reopening, for redeveloped grounds) had to be within Jan 1 and Dec 31, 2013. This means that at least one event with all sections opened had to take place in 2013. Both newly-built stadiums and those completely redeveloped may be nominated. Stadium of the Year is dedicated to association football (soccer) stadiums, which means that any stadium able to hold a football game without structural changes can be nominated, even if this isn’t its primary use. Athletic, racing tracks and other football code fields are fine as long as a regular association football field may be fitted.

    Nomination process begins on January 7 and ends on January 21. The following day open vote for Stadium of the Year begins, lasting one month, until February 22.